The Copy Strategy for Lycra

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  • Published : December 16, 2008
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Submitted by: - Nitin K. Takiar03/18/04

The Copy Strategy for LYCRA

The purpose of advertising is to convince working women aged between 28-38 that Lycra fibre is stain resistant, because it is a new man made fibre, which makes their dress durable and gives them the freedom from care (ease of use).


Advertisement starts with a woman (probably 30-32 yrs) formally dressed for her office (all set to go) & collecting some papers from the drawers (moving fast). Then she starts putting some hand lotion while looking at the clock with a concern of getting late. She turns her head back, where her child (4-5 year old kid) is sitting on the dining table with grandparents. The kid is served with bread and jam in front of him and glass of milk on one side. He/She is just playing & making patterns on the jam with spoon, and then woman asks him “ Come On ,do it fast…”name”…….you’re getting late for school. Then she comes to the kid and says “let me help you with it “and sits on a chair besides the kid. She picks up the slice of bread and asks him/her to eat. The kid protests “Noooo”and moves his arms, with his hand struck the glass of milk. Milk starts flowing on the table and when it gets to the edge of the table where the woman is sitting (I’m going to slow down the motion, as the milk drops down from the table and pours over the woman’s dress, Here, I am going to show, how milk droplets are just sliding through the fibre and making no stains). The grandma asks the mother (woman) “oh…he will get you late. You have to change your dress now? “The woman replies “No, everything is alright”. She then stands up and moves back to a side and wipe that part of dress, which is looking perfect now. She then with a convincing smile says “ Thanks to Lycra” & at that moment, the motion freezes and a message appears on the screen , with a voice reading it “ LYCRA- A new fibre , smart enough to handle any situation “ & then again motion starts and woman with...
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