The Convenience Store Murder

Topics: Firearm, Gun Control, Handgun Pages: 3 (896 words) Published: March 25, 2013
The Illinois Informer

Stock broker convicted of convenience store murder

Joshua Richardson is found guilty of second degree murder after trying to plea bargain for a shorter sentence.

January 29, 2013| By Anthony Mancillas


|Eric Baron, left, Joshua Richardson, right. |

In the late evening of July 16th, 2012, an armed robbery in Santa Barbara, California led to the gruesome murder of Eric Baron. Baron a cashier at a local convenience store, was shot twice in the chest by Joshua Richardson. After the incident Richardson ran from authorities to evade arrest. Richardson was able to evade police as he was not identified until two days after the murder. Detective Jeffry Lang lead a state wide man hunt that tracked down Richardson in San Francisco, CA where he was attempting to blend in with the tourist traffic and did odd jobs that were paid in cash under an alias by the name of “Kyle Byrd.”

Detective Lang found Richardson after he was seen on camera trying to use his debit card to withdraw money. Richardson was apprehended July 22nd, 2012 and charged with money embezzlement, second degree murder. It was on July 28th Richardson receive 30 years in Santa Barbara county prison, with no chance for parole for his crimes.

Joshua Richardson 31 year old, a caucasian male from Santa Barbara, California. Richardson was a stock broker at Johnson and Johnson. According to Richardson's boss Alex Kobb, he was “the hardest working man he's ever seen.” As it appears, it was also reported Richardson was displaying strange behavior.

“He would walk to his desk without saying a word to anyone, and sometimes clients would walk out of his office confused,” says one of Richardson's co-workers. Kobb fired Richardson when he found out about Richardson's money embezzlement.

Mrs. Jane Richardson, confessed to authorities, “Josh had recently purchased a gun told me not to ask about it. I was worried as to why he had it, but I trusted...
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