The Controversy of Homosexuality

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  • Published : April 4, 2013
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The Controversy of Homosexuality

Differences within people are what make each individual unique, and accepting differences is mandatory to live in a peaceful environment. Homosexuality is a widespread phenomenon that has been around for centuries. Discrimination against homosexuals is a critical issue that is affecting many lives around the world. Homosexuality is prohibited in some countries while it is encouraged and protected in others. Homosexuality is observed in the animal kingdom in a large umber of species, thus it can be concluded that it is a natural phenomenon and not a human deviation off nature. Some cultures accept and embrace homosexuality, while others are strictly against it; the cultures that are more open-minded are for homosexuality and try to decrease discrimination against homosexuals as much as possible. Religion is being used by many homophobes as an excuse to discriminate against homosexuals, and it is used in a wrong way and interpreted falsely just to be able to state that homosexuality is unacceptable. Acceptance is the key to a peaceful living, and thus each person should have an open mind and accept differences no matter what they are.

The Controversy of Homosexuality
People have had an extremely hard time throughout ancient history to modern days accepting differences. Discrimination is always based on differences between humans, in which in most cases, are slight and, most frankly, ridiculous. Discrimination against skin color, religion, gender, or sexual orientation are a few examples; some people have been able to fight back, but others are still “closeted” and unable to live peacefully. Feminism and anti-racist movements have been extremely successful in eliminating discrimination against women and dark-skinned people, and the level of equality demanded is in sight. But as much as homosexuals fight for equality and a peaceful life, they are still faced with homophobic actions that would make homosexuals afraid of standing up and facing their fears in order to contribute to a homophobe-free world. This is why many homosexuals need help with being at ease with what they are through the support of their families, friends, and institutions that fight for LGBT (Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transsexual) rights. Dealing with homosexuality is done differently in different aspects, regarding the law, nature, culture and religion. Homosexuality should be accepted universally, and discrimination against it should not be tolerated.

Homosexuality has been debated all through history till modern times and many theories have risen that discuss this issue. The Natural Law theory in its essence was about being against unnatural attractions. Plato being a natural law theory supporter, for example, states in one of his books “opposite-sex sex acts cause pleasure by nature, while same-sex sexuality is “unnatural”” (Pickett, 2011). On the other hand, more recently, the Queer Theory was developed to support gay and lesbian individuals, and in its core, it supports the equality of all people, not just fighting for gays and lesbians (Pickett). Many leaders through history have an extreme opinion about homosexuality. A prevalent leader that was against homosexuality was Adolf Hitler and his party the Nazis. Homosexuals were one of the targeted groups by the Nazis that would be prosecuted and in most cases killed.

Laws differ from country to country, and from region to region all around the world. Homosexuality is tackled in every country by its laws, which prohibit, accept, or even support homosexuals. Some countries, such as Lebanon for example, prohibit homosexual acts which is stated in the Lebanese penal code article 534 which forbids having sexual affairs that are "contradicting the laws of nature" which is punishable by law up to a years sentence in jail (Abbani, n.d.). This shows the inability of certain countries to accept differences and that are supporters of homophobia. The...
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