The Contribution of Informatics to the Development of Social Networks and Their Impact on Society

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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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Using a social network nowadays is something that has become a part of our every day activities, a part of our every day life. Surveys carried out around the world show that the number of people who use a social network is increasing on daily basis. It has become very easy to share one's ideas, opinions, beliefs and interests via the social networks. Communication with friends and relatives on distance through chatting boxes and e-mails can keep us updated with the latest events, news and photographs. Going online by a single click of the mouse and at a touch of the screen on the mobile phone owes a lot to the development of Informatics.

The study that combines the behaviour and the interaction of computing systems and the transformation of an information is called Informatics. In the age of information, computing technology is changing the ways we work and play. Informatics is even changing the way we think. The development made in the field of Informatics for the past fifty years, has led to the formation of the social networks, used by people of all ages everywhere around the world. The first contribution of the Informatics for the development of the social networks is seen in the availability for everyone to have a personal computer at home. If we go back only fifteen years ago, we will find out that the personal computers were very expensive and only a small number of people could afford buying them. Nowadays, when there are a lot of different companies producing computer hardware and software, people are left with a choice to buy what do they exactly need, what do they really like and finally to make a decision of which brand to buy. Having a computer or computers in each home makes the use of a social network a part of peoples' every day activities. After having carried all the everyday duties, people can relax in the comfort of their homes in front of their own computers, chat with their friends, share and comment on photos and discuss the latest...
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