The Contribution of Bill Gates

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  • Published : December 22, 2012
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The life of a famous person.

People can become famous for discovering something, acting, singing, dancing and many other things. Some of them become well-known during their life, the others after their death. There are many famous people all over the world and one of them is Bill Gates who is famous for his countributions to computer science and society.

The world’s biggest tech giant Bill Gates was born in 28th October 1955. Bill became interested in programming at an early age and using school computers he practiced his programming skills.After years he formed the company Microsoft to develop softwares for other companies. Bill Gates development of software and programs has been his contribution to the revolution of computers and computer science. Microsoft’s slogan was “Computer for Everyone” in world.The greatest contribution of Bill Gates to the world is providing “broad economic opportunities” to everyone across the world using computers.In 1975 when Microsoft was started, people across world never know the use of computers in their everyday life and work to improve their lives.Bill Gates partnered with several computer companies and created simple operating system and softwares that would be easy for everyone in world to use.

Besides that, when computers combined with Internet greatly increased “educational opportunities” for all learners of all ages across the world Computers & Internet were also powerful “healthcare tool” in connecting doctors with patients, patients with required medical knowledge in Internet.

Bill Gates’ contributions are not ended with these. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation donates money and technology to many different recipients around the world. A lot of the focus of their foundation is to further education, make medical technology available in remote and poor areas of the world, contribute to global health and to help further agricultural development.

To sum up, Bill Gates is the giant phenomenon of...
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