The Continuity of the Asian Genetics

Topics: Earwax, Gregor Mendel, Genetics Pages: 4 (1503 words) Published: April 8, 2013
The Continuity of the Asian Genetics
Lisa Tran
Anthropology 2301
February 23, 2013

In families around the world, there are genetic genes replicating between every generation from parents to offspring. The traits I have inherited cannot be just influenced by what my parents have given me but by the impacts of culture and region. Ethnocentrism often shows the biased perspective of one’s own culture being inferior. Raised with a certain culture and belief can influence the subordination of other cultures. The view that cultures have values within their own historical and environmental perspectives and should first be understood within those contexts is cultural relativism. Everyone believes the beliefs they have learned from their parents, so knowing the merits would not be difficult. Natural Selection, polygenetic, and the Mendelian genetics all play a key role in determining ethnic groups. This explains how we have ethnicity in the first place. This genetic maps explain how people differ from one another, or how people are more closely linked to each other. Some have clinical outcomes and influence disease development. This is what we are interested in genetic variation. The three physical characteristics that relate to my ethnicity and family would be my almond shaped eyes, my yellowish pale skin, and earwax. The eyes of a southeastern Asian have some pros and cons to them. They make East Asians stand out for everyone to notice. The football shaped eyes are an example of an epicanthic fold. The epicanthic fold stands for the skin of the upper eyelids. It is basically another layer of fat on the eyes to keep the body temperature correct. This fold was once said to have protected these people from the Malaysia desert. It was able to protect from the cold, reduce glaring, and from sand getting into their eyes. This helped the East Asian people to adapt to their climates in order to survive and pass on their traits to their offspring. Natural selection has...
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