The Contingency Plan

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The contingency plan for this web-based business is a documented structure which provides instructional and referral information for response to emergency, back-up operation and post disaster recovery for information technology systems pertaining to system malfunction, power failures and protection from hackers and fraudulent activities. The contingency plan answer questions such as is the data backed up every day? Whether alternative servers are available for applications to be accessed from in the event of failures, additional power generators for power failures, if there are several access points to the internet in instances whereby one line goes down and the security plans for databases if the system is hacked and vital trade secrets are disclosed.

* Network issues
* Incompatible software and the data required to be displayed is time consuming since it does the match the current software and alternate measures are utilized * Power outage
* Hackers and illegal access to databases
* Viruses and spyware which corrupt files

1) - In the event that there are internet connection issues in Windows, wired (Ethernet) or wireless (Wi-Fi) network connections such as wireless network adapter switch that is not enabled, security or pass phrase issues, cables that are not working properly, missing updates and connection settings for the networks, there are procedures for each of these circumstances. At Caribbean Curves, where there are difficulties associated with the router, security phrase and cables that are not functioning the computer technician, Tanuja is notified and repairs as well as maintenance are done in a time efficient manner to have the system up and running. This is an indication of its competitive nature and leadership in the market. It also ensures confidence and expectation of an efficient website for customers. However, in cases of internet connections, there are several access points to the server in place to reduce...
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