The Consumers’ Toothpaste Purchasing Preference Survey in the Uk

Topics: Sampling, Toothpaste, Statistical survey Pages: 8 (1848 words) Published: November 28, 2012
The consumers’ toothpaste purchasing preference survey in the UK

1. Introduction

Toothpaste is one of the daily necessities in our life. Basically, it is used to maintain the tooth health during tooth brushing. Also, it was developed with a lot functions, such as sensitive relief, whitening, help of bad breath, for the requirement of the specific customers. There are various companies producing toothpastes in current UK retail market. So designing a survey for toothpaste can help a company to dominate the market beyond the competitors. Also, this survey about the preference of purchasing toothpastes can be adopted as one of the companies’ reference for the products innovation and sales model choosing. Survey is a statistic method, usually basing on a form of questionnaire, can integrate important information from population. In this case, the survey is going to find out people’s thinking and feeling about toothpaste. Normally, surveys are possibly carried out in several forms, such as by mail, personal interviews, telephone interviews, and online surveys, et al. The aim of the survey is to find out potential questions and use proper research method to provide basic information for solving problems. The basic definition of consumer purchase decision and purchase motivation will be stated and discussed. In addition, specific survey methods would be considered for this case. Then, a questionnaire will be designed. The limitation and finally conclusion of this survey research will be provided lastly. 2. Consumer purchase decision and purchase motivation

2.1 Consumer purchase decision
Consumer purchase decision is defined as ‘consumer decision to purchase the goods from the available alternative choice’. (G. Vani 2010) The purchasing preferences of consumers were changing with the rapid development of the commercial society. Corporations have to deeply understand the changing of consumer purchase decision in order to response to this situation.

2.2 Study of purchase motivation

The core question studied in purchase motivation is a few ‘Why’s, such as, why do consumers choose this product; why do consumers prefer the particular brand; why consumers are influenced by the kind of advertisement; why do consumers cannot yield to temptation on the types of promotion? It is necessary to understand those questions, which are directly motivated from customers, for providing right goods and holding the market.

2.3 The specific issues related to the consumers preference of toothpaste purchasing

Based on the consumer purchase decision and purchase motivation, questions about toothpaste purchasing preference were raised and mainly divided into the parts below.

2.3.1 Brand awareness
Brand awareness is consumer’s knowledge about a product’s existence and availability from a specific company. (Hoyer and Brown 1990) A product which can differentiate from other products in the same category usually has higher brand awareness and gets the most sales. This rule would also work on toothpaste which is a consumable product for daily use. Therefore, different levels of brand awareness may significantly affect the choice of toothpaste brand. (Macdonald and Sharp 2000)

2.3.2 Price sensitivity
Consumers with various personal preferences have different extent of price sensitivity on products choosing. The prices of different brand of toothpastes are variable which potentially leads the purchase decision of consumers.

2.3.3 Flavour
As the oral care products, toothpastes contact sense of taste system directly. So customers would prefer choosing the flavor they used to. It is suspected that children might have different flavor preference with elder people.

2.3.4 Function and ingredient
The toothpaste preference of function and ingredient might differ from customers with different demands. For example, some consumers are focusing on tooth whitening; some are care about tooth sensitivity; and some are expecting...
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