The Consulting Bible

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How to conquer any consulting interview from fit questions to case studies Second edition

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Table of contents
Preface How to get the most out of this guide General interview tips Fit and Experiential Interview Questions Introduction Education and school MBA-specific education and school Resume Post-consulting and your future Personality and curve-ball Strengths and weaknesses Teamwork, leadership, and people-management Industry/firm interest and knowledge International offices and overseas applicants Experienced hires and career changers General business and current events Recruiting and process-related Ethics and integrity Sizing Questions aka Mini-Case Studies Introduction Question 1. How many personal computers are used in the U.S. today? Question 2. How many rounds of golf are played annually in the U.S.? Question 3. How many basketballs would fit into the Empire State building? Question 4. How many liters of house paint are sold in the UK annually? Question 5. How much do Koreans spend on daily newspapers in a given year? Case Studies and Exhibits Core principles Expert tactics Case Study 1. Rojam Media Case Study Case Study 2. Pegasus International Case Study Case Study 3. Propaganda Cookies Case Study 4. US Convenience Brainteasers Interview followup questions 4 5 6

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If you’ve searched for good consulting resources on the internet, you probably didn’t have much success. The ones that do exist (see: Vault or Wetfeet) are simply unhelpful because: 1. They don’t focus on the consulting industry, instead providing generic recruiting advice 2. Case study guides are too theoretical. As interesting as Porter’s 5 Forces is, the threat of substitutes won’t be very helpful if you don’t understand when and how to apply the concept 3. Much of the information is out-of-date. Company profiles feature outdated quotes; salary levels are from several years ago 4. No example answers are provided, which makes it tough to structure and craft an appropriate response 5. The information is composed by industry outsiders, who quote insider sources or conduct surveys to gather the information This guide addresses all of those problems. In here, you’ll find: 1. More than 60 in-depth fit and personality questions that came directly from interviews. Some are as fresh as this year’s fulltime recruiting cycle. I fully believe that mastering these 50 will give you the content, preparation, and flexibility to answer any fit question 2. 5 sizing questions (what I call “mini-cases”) with multiple solutions, including secrets on how you can conquer any sizing question regardless of complexity or ambiguity 3. 4 extensive case studies – created from scratch to test you on the 5 case study principles that all top candidates instinctively master I will be adding to this list on a monthly basis. And if you’ve bought the guide now, you’ll receive free updates for life. Imagine The Consulting Bible with 500 fit/experiential questions, 50 sizing questions, and 50 cases. Once you've absorbed the lessons from below, you'll know how to answer any question in any interview. That’s my guarantee.

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How to get the most out of this guide
1. Quickly read through the fit questions and suggested answers. This will give you a sense for what consulting fit interviews are like, and how good answers are structured 2. Tackle the case studies. Case studies are typically...
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