The Conspiracy of Princess Diana

Topics: Diana, Princess of Wales, Mohamed Al-Fayed, Charles, Prince of Wales Pages: 9 (3608 words) Published: February 23, 2013
The Conspiracy of Princess Diana
Over the past decade, many have wondered why on August 31, 1997 Princess Diana’s life was cut short due to an auto accident. Very little information has been released until recently when many different theories of a possible conspiracy started to circulate Europe as well as the United States. The conspiracy thoughts included that she was not mistakenly run off the road, but instead the entire death was secretly being well planned out by the royal family. Many things involving the case are still going on today. On March 31st, 2008 the case was dismissed, but there are still many unanswered questions. Although the official investigation shows that Princess Diana’s death was due to an aggressive paparazzi and an intoxicated driver, many are starting to believe that the royal family was involved. Stopping Diana’s critical public attacks on the royal family, allowing Prince Charles to remarry and preventing Diana’s relationship with an Arab Muslim are all possible motives for the royal family’s involvement.

Diana Frances Spencer lived her entire life with connections to the royal family since she was born on July 1st 1961. She grew up at Park House which is near Sand Ingham, Norfolk, where her father was equerry for King George VI as well as young Queen Elizabeth II. When she was six, her parents separated, and she could always recall the crunching of her mother’s footsteps on the gravel as she left the house. The separations then lead to bickering over the custody of Diana, her two sisters and her brother. Lady Diana attended a boarding school where she transferred to West Heath Public School. Following school, Diana started working as a nanny as well as cooking, but later Diana became an assistant at Young England teaching kindergarten. Diana and Prince Charles had known each other for many years but finally in 1980 it became public that their friendship was sprouting into something much more serious. Finally on February 24th 1981, it became public that the two were engaged and they soon married.

If it were the case that Diana’s death was planned by the royal family, it wouldn’t be the first time that something of this matter was done. King Henry VIII had six different wives throughout his lifetime. Two of the wives were beheaded, and one of them supposedly died of natural causes. The other two marriages ended in a divorce. Since King Henry was not allowed to remarry in the Roman Catholic Church, he formed his own kind of church known as the Church of England (i.e. Protestant). (Hendee)

The Royal Family disliked Diana in many different ways. She was close to the royal family during a good portion of her life because her father worked for them and their houses were very close to each other. Prince Charles was expected to go and find a woman descended from royalty, that woman was Camilla Parker Bowles who was the Duchess of Cornwell. They always shared a close relationship and even when they were separated, they still had a secret love for each other. The Queen respected Charles a lot more when he was with someone from royalty. It was said that Camilla and Charles were still in love but she was unable to get pregnant so that Charles was able to produce an heir who could someday take his place as king. He began seeking someone who could have children when Diana and Charles’s second son was about the age of two, Charles and Diana started seeing other people without making the separation public for a couple years.

After the separation, Diana started seeing Dodi Al Fayed in the summer of 1997 (Diana Inquest). The first time that she met Dodi was when she was shopping for pajamas for herself as well as shirts for Princes William and Harry. The store was named Turnbull & Asser and they were having a board meeting when Diana walked in. Ken Williams left the meeting and greeted Diana where he invited her upstairs to sit in on the meeting where Dodi was at the time. After she met him for...
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