The Consequence of Smell (Swot Analysis and Spss Software)

Topics: Sales, Chi-square distribution, Odor Pages: 2 (409 words) Published: November 11, 2007
Executive Summary

Salespeople are a very essential part of the firm, bringing in sales and revenues for their firm, that's why they need to take care of every little detail in order to stay on top and gain an edge over their competition. One of the most important characteristics that they should take care of is their smell. This study investigates the different types of bad smells and how people react to them. The research questioned the importance of smell to people and how different people with different characteristics reacted to the different kinds of smell.

Three research objectives guide this empirical study: (1) to determine the importance of smell on the sale, (2) to find out the extent that people react to these smells and (3) to identify extent of variation of the people's preferences according to their different characteristics.

The research began with a review of secondary data about the different characteristics of salespeople and their importance. More people are paying attention to the different characteristics such as appearance and personal grooming. Consequently, sales managers are paying more attention to their sales people, making sure everything is proper.

Three focus groups were held to ask people about their opinions regarding the different types of smells and the effects these smells can have on the sale, and consequently on the salesman success. It was agreed that smell plays a vital role upon the sale, with special attention paid to the smells of sweat, bad breath, body odor, food, strong perfumes, oud and bukhoor. The members of the focus groups most likely wouldn't tell the salesperson about their smell but they would definitely try to walk away as soon as possible.

Primary data collection continued with the development of a questionnaire based on the literature review and focus group findings. 400 self administered surveys were distributed throughout various locations in Dubai. These included many coffee shops on...
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