The Conquest of Africa

Topics: South Africa, Rwandan Genocide, Africa Pages: 4 (1112 words) Published: January 19, 2008
In the late 1870's the major European powers look towards Imperialistic ideals as a way to strengthen their economy and gain the upper hand in the industrial revolution. This outlook stemmed towards creating new colonies and naturally Africa, the closest landmass to Europe was invaded first.

There has been Europeans holding in africa going back past the fall of Constantinople but it wasn't until the introduction of colonies as areas of monetary value and prestige that they really started to get out of control around the world. This leads to a wild annexation and claim of the major European nations on African soil.

Imperialism itself happens for many reasons to the European community. It is embraced as a way to boost nations economies and as the areas are considerd new economies there are no laid out rules and tarifs compared to old trading partners. It also allows the mother nations to spread and usually force its culture upon the invaded people. All these negatives are attributed to Imperialsim with very few positives creating what is today the splintered countries and lost society of Africa.

These claims are settled at the Berlin conference of 1885. At the conference were all the European powers that had holdings in africa and also the United States. Unfortunately there were no representatives of the African native people. They were considered by the Europeans as inferior to them and that if anything their occupation of Africa was helping to civilize the indigenous population.

The Berlin conference went on to state a number of important acts. The divying up of Africa was written out and given terms and boundaries, splitting 90.4% of the entire continent between the major powers of: Great Britain, France, Belgium, Austria-Hungary, Denmark, Spain, Italy and Portugaul.

It also states a mission for the European powers to stop slavery in Africa. This starts with the British, By a man named Dr. Livingstone. Dr.Livingstone was a protestant missionary...
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