The Connoisseur Concerto and Coffee Club: Customer Profile Types

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  • Published : July 25, 2011
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Conduct a customer profile analysis
Identify the various target audience involved for these two companies; who are the customers and what are their profile types? Customer Profile Analysis
With the new travel destinations emergence, airport passenger traffic has increased, more people now travel more often, while others that they could never travel can afford a travel holiday. Moreover, although the principal target audience for low cost airlines is the price sensitive leisure traveller, business travellers now also consist a significant proportion of their customer database. Hence, passengers who choose budget airlines such as Jetstars and Tiger airway are mainly those who like to have more options, flexibility and more affordable fares. Customers’ demographics| Jetstars| Tiger Airway|

Age| 15 - 36| 15 - 58|
Average Income| <$500 - >$2000| <$500 - >$2000| Reason of travelling | HolidayBusiness | HolidayVisit relatives | The Connoisseur Concerto (TCC)
TCC target market is those that love not only coffee, but also those that love and appreciates art. From the food and drinks that they provide to the stylish and artistic interior designs of their outlets, it is quite obvious that TCC caters those consumers mentioned above. With more than 60 types of coffee beverages ranging from Coffee Classics to Liqueur Kaffee, customers are provided with extensive varieties of coffee. Customers who frequently patronize TCC are divided into 2 main segments: 1. Working adults who are professionals, managers, executives and business people generally aged 23 to 50 years old who are coffee lovers and art enthusiasts, from novices to aficionados (a person who likes, knows about, and appreciates a particular interest). 2. “One-time” customers who visits TCC once in awhile to enjoy its arsenal of diverse food and beverages. They are usually students and teenagers. -------------------------------------------------

The company’s mission is – “By...
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