The Connection

Topics: Unemployment, Underemployment, Small business Pages: 3 (1002 words) Published: February 2, 2013
The Connection

Unemployment is a serious problem facing people and communities around the world. The rise of unemployment affects people and the society as a whole; many families go from two wage earners to one, and in today’s economy many cases both wage earners are unemployed due to temporary or permanent layoffs.

In order to pinpoint issues that relate to unemployment, you would first want to know what is causing such a sudden increase in unemployment, how it affects people, the society around them and how it all connects. Well, first there are a number of things that are causing such a major increase in unemployment, such as:

* Recession (decline in economy)
* Relocation of large companies (overseas)
* Closing of business
* Decline in farm population
* Job cut backs
* Advancement in technology

The recent recession and the repositioning of large companies are two of the main reasons unemployment is on the rise. The recession has basically caused a domino effect that in due course kick started the unemployment crisis. When the economy began to plummet large corporations where forced to cut back jobs, many moved overseas and permanently laid off long term employees. The decline in farm population caused farmers to raise prices on their products, therefore small business owners such as mom and pop stores was faced with unaffordable limited resources, which eventually caused them to raise their prices as well, as prices climbed customers began to decrease, with little to no business, small local business owners were forced out of business; adding to the unemployment rate. Fast progression in technology also plays apart in the rise of unemployment. In today’s modern world, business can be conducted with the simple click of a mouse. The advancements in technology effects small companies such as Zip-It (bicycle letter carries) to much larger organizations such as the United States Postal Service, who...
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