The Connection

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  • Published: February 2, 2013
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The Connection

Unemployment is a serious problem facing people and communities around the world. The rise of unemployment affects people and the society as a whole; many families go from two wage earners to one, and in today’s economy many cases both wage earners are unemployed due to temporary or permanent layoffs.

In order to pinpoint issues that relate to unemployment, you would first want to know what is causing such a sudden increase in unemployment, how it affects people, the society around them and how it all connects. Well, first there are a number of things that are causing such a major increase in unemployment, such as:

* Recession (decline in economy)
* Relocation of large companies (overseas)
* Closing of business
* Decline in farm population
* Job cut backs
* Advancement in technology

The recent recession and the repositioning of large companies are two of the main reasons unemployment is on the rise. The recession has basically caused a domino effect that in due course kick started the unemployment crisis. When the economy began to plummet large corporations where forced to cut back jobs, many moved overseas and permanently laid off long term employees. The decline in farm population caused farmers to raise prices on their products, therefore small business owners such as mom and pop stores was faced with unaffordable limited resources, which eventually caused them to raise their prices as well, as prices climbed customers began to decrease, with little to no business, small local business owners were forced out of business; adding to the unemployment rate. Fast progression in technology also plays apart in the rise of unemployment. In today’s modern world, business can be conducted with the simple click of a mouse. The advancements in technology effects small companies such as Zip-It (bicycle letter carries) to much larger organizations such as the United States Postal Service, who have become vulnerable to budget cuts, temporary/ permanent layoffs and being pushed completely out of business due to the declining service demands. For example, prior to having the use of “email” companies such as Zip-It would hire bicycle letter carriers to run documents from business to business, however in today’s age documents can be scanned, signed and emailed in a matter of seconds; therefore Zip-It service is hardly if ever needed (The Washington Post, 2009). Technology has affected the postal service as well, less letters are being mailed and more letters are being sent via email; causing employee hours to be cut back and some cases layoffs (Long Beach Business Journal, 2012). So how do the effects of unemployment on individuals relate to the society around you? Well, it relates in a number of ways: 1. Community reduce resources

2. Underfunded schools
3. Restricted access to services
4. Limited access to public transportation
5. Increase in crime rate
6. Increase rate in substance abuse and suicide
According to the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues’ Policy Statement “The Psychological Consequences of Unemployment,” the burden of unemployment can lead to declines in individual, family and the society as a whole well-being (Belle & Bullock, 2011). The stress of unemployment not only affects the individual, but the outcome for children as well. Symptoms linked to job loss such as stress and depression can negatively affect parenting skills; the stress and frustration of being jobless makes parents more likely to increase punitive and arbitrary punishment (Belle & Bullock, 2011). Limited to no opportunity for employment, makes it more difficult for people to return to work or even find work (Brisson, Roll, & East, 2009). The effects of unemployment don’t only stop with the individual; unfortunately it spreads into the communities and creates serious issues for the society as a whole. Widespread unemployment reduces...
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