The Conflicts Between Parents and Their Children

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  • Published : December 14, 2012
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The conflict between parents and their childs

This article clearly showed the conflicts between parents and their childs. The author's mother is a tradional chinese mother, after the long surfuring in China, she came to America to seek a new life with nothing. After Jingmei borned——her second daught, she put all her hopes on Jingmei, she tried her best to train Jingmei so that she thought jingmei can have a better life. Jingmei which is a typical American girl,she pursuring her own personality, she did not like the tasks or the piano lessons. She asking her mother : why you don't like the way I am? I am not a genius! She just wanted to be herself, she didn't like the way which was choesn by her mother. I think this is the main conflict. This kind of problems are exist in anywhere in Chinese families. Parents usually chose a way for their child which they think is reaaly good for their chilrden, but they have never considered that wheather it is the way that their child willng to chose or not. Rencently I saw a TV series which is really popular among chinese young people, named . The TV seires is about a story of 4 cusions ignored the objection of their familes in order to gave up their current life to review their youth. He Dong is the oldest one. In his 27 years, he leads a safty and boring life. He was a civil servant, you know, in China the civil servant is the most comfortable job, almost every graduateds want to get this job. However, He Dong did not like his job. He thought that the job was so boring and useless! He had a girlfriend, but he did not sure if he love her or not. He wanted to change his endless boring life, he broke up with her girlfriend, he resigned and he wanted to leave his home to a new city so that he can exercised his survivability. The conflict borned from this, his mother against his resignation frantically and hysterically. She did everything to stop him, she cried and went down on her knees to...
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