The Conflicting and Different Perspectives: Abolition of Slavery

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  • Published : October 31, 2010
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The conflicting and different perspectives adopted by the North and South in discussing the issue of black American slavery is founded mainly on economic, rather than political differences. It is important to note that the two regions have different economic and political orientations when the early British settlers inhabited the then-called Americas. The Southern region inhabitants inhabited the part of the territory that has sparse fertile land, low and often scarce water resource, and a generally ‘unfriendly’ environment, which resulted to numerous deaths due to illnesses obtained while inhabiting the Southern region lands. The Northern region, meanwhile, enjoyed relatively better environmental resources than their Southern counterpart. The Northern region inhabitants easily established its own agricultural society and grew in number/ population, as compared to the South. This surprising decision by the Court allowed slavery abolitionists to further strengthen their stance against the prevalent practice of black slavery in the country. What makes the Amistad case a landmark case is that the Court decided against the popular belief that either the slaves be considered properties of the American government, or be returned to Cuba, wherein they were identified as legal slaves in the country. The decision of the Court was neither of these resolutions: instead, it ordered the slaves be returned to Africa, since they were not properties of the American government, in the first place, and they were also not legal slaves of Cuba. Since they were not too dependent on the slavery system to maintain their healthy economic disposition, they were the first ones who sought for a social reform in terms of how slavery is recognized and supported in America. The Southerners, completely dependent on the slaves to maintain their plantations and keep their economic resources available in the region, argued against the call for a social reform, arguing for the maintenance of the...
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