The Conflict of Cultures in a Country.

Topics: Culture, England, Germanic peoples Pages: 1 (404 words) Published: August 10, 2012
This is a sociological question and before trying to answer it, let us see what is meant by culture. Culture is simply how a people live. It involves many things, -namely their dress, food, art and literature, their hopes and fears. These things are moulded by the impact of time, geography and history of the place. Even when given the same natural conditions people do not develop the same culture. A conspicuous example is the cultures about the Mediterranean Sea. But the accidents of history are such that no culture can be said to exist apart in its pristine glory, unalloyed by other cultures. This phenomenon of mingling of cultures has become very rapid after the sixteenth century. The modes of quick transport and communication, the quick growth of science have brought cultures face to face. Where cultures can intermingle and adopt a policy of give and take there has been no conflict. But, on the other hand, where cultures resisted mingling, conflict was the result. This conflict is not peculiar to any particular country and when most of the countries of the world are having pockets of cultures there is bound to be conflict. Conflict of cultures may be good or bad according to whether people of different cultures absorb other cultures readily or not. Conflict may be good if different cultures bring different things which are nice by themselves. Taking history the British people of today are a product of different cultures, namely, the Anglo Saxon, Roman and Norman cultures. Later on they absorbed Germanic culture. Eastern nations are nations are having a sort of philosophic culture and the Western nation a scientific culture. A holy wedding brought about between these two would mean standing or permanent good for the world. Conflict of cultures will become bad when one culture cannot tolerate another culture. A classical case is the conflict between the white and the coloured people in the U.S.A. A student of History would affirm that both the white and...
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