The Conflict Between Apple and Samsung from a Marketing Perspective

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  • Published: February 7, 2013
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Conflicts between Apple and Samsung over design patent problems began two years ago just a few months after Samsung started to release its Galaxy smartphone even though they have had good relation that Samsung had provided many components for the iPhone and iPad. Finally, in August 24th 2012 a California ordered Samsung to pay Apple $1.05 billion because they judged that Samsung infringed intellectual property of Appleʼs iPhone and iPad technology and design. they are, however, still continuing the battle in many countries now. As seen in this case, business would be highly likely to be strongly influenced by eternal environment. Therefore a manager and marketer should always know the environment surrounds their company from a variety of aspects in order to seize a business chance for sure and avoid risk factors as much as possible. It is said that ʻPEST analysisʼ should be one of the effective way to know exterior environment (Abe, 2012). In following paragraph, this essay first shall demonstrate the definition of ʻPEST analysisʼ. Secondly, this essay will outline the conflict briefly, and then examine the potential cause using the Pest analysis. Thirdly, this essay will clarify the marketing strategies of Apple and Samsung, and then inspect the differences of the two marketing methods to be sure why the dispute was caused.

As commonly known, ʻPESTʼ stands for ʻpoliticalʼ, ʻeconomicʼ, socio-culturalʼ and ʻtechnologicalʼ, which are influential external factors on conducting a new project or market research. Political factors includes Laws, global issues, legislation and regulations which might affect the company which you are operating either immediately or in the future. Economic factor includes taxes, interest rates, inflation, the stock markets and consumer confidence all need to be taken into consideration. Social-cultural includes the changes in lifestyle and buying trends, population growth rate, age distribution, ethics and publicity factors....
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