The Concert Descriptive Writing

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  • Published : July 16, 2012
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As I entered the concert, I could hear the beat of the music, the atmosphere was full of excitement. I could see my band playing music, I could see millions of people in front of me! When I went in closer, it felt a little hot and uncomfortable, the place was burning like hell. It was an outdoor concert. I started sweating, as the beat of the music gets louder, the whole stage started to shake and vibrate. my muscles tensed as more and more people started squeezing me into a square. It felt like standing in a middle of a cornfield, except tighter, less cooling, and uncomfortable. As the people at the concert started to sway back and forth, left and right, going according to the beat of thee music, I was forced to move myself as well. After a lot of hard work, I was in the front line of the audience, the band members were sweating, as f they had a good shower before the concert. I saw the loud, big, enormous speakers. They were shaking the place. I saw smoke, like fog, like a magic show. Millions of colors shot out from a mysterious ball, that was shining like a piece of crystal, glowing like a star on a clear night. The moon was white in the sky, it was a big white face, looking and admiring at this big noisy concert.Again, it felt hot, but i coudn't escape this many people, I had no choice, but to sit there and listen to the noisy rocking, heavy music.