The Concepts of Self Expression and Awareness

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  • Published : February 1, 2011
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John Russon believes that through the essance of sex; self presentation and other recepetion can inhibit it in its most profound state. How the concepts of self expression and awareness characterize this “sphere of of self presentation and of other-reception” (111). Russon explains that everything we humans expereince in life is distributed through our own personal sexuality. He connects language and sexualtiy through communication and expression. How “Language, as the development of our sexuality, is the most profound sphere of self-presentation, of self-expression” (113). We use our language to express our own sexualtiy to our parteners or the others around us. This creates a sort of bond or form of relationship with that other. Because language is the development of sexuality, it is the communication of our being with others that we embrace into a reciprocated bond. What Russon is tryin to convey is through expression and language that we as people bear the power of our own self-image. Threw communication, personal actions and self-expression do we fully connect our own language to sexualtiy in and around us. The expression of language that has developed into our own sexualtiy shows different emotions and feelings towards a significant other. During this stage, our communication factors and actions change accordingly. In existence of neurosis in language, we must consider the altercations of communication among others; whether it is though speaking or writing. Russon interperates expression through sexuality as sort of a mind and/or physical altering “intersubjective reality” (113). We use what we know and do in reality and incorporate it into expression for someone else. This language creates an expression that we must consider and use under our own communicative custom. Speaking and writing is how we take our own reality and express it to another. “Speaking and writing are the most fully developed aspects of our language, but language itself is...
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