The Concept of Total Quality Management in a Holistic Context

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Total Quality Management
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The paper attempts to enlighten the concept of total quality management in a holistic context. The concept of total quality management is explained in detail with major emphasis on its implementation in an organization. The selected organization is Toyota and the paper aims to highlight how the system of total quality management was introduced and implemented in Toyota. The paper first describes the concept of total quality management in detail and states the total quality management schemes. It also highlights the differences and similarities between the schemes. The paper then provides an overview of the issues that Toyota was facing before the implementation of total quality management. It highlights the basic principles that were recognized by Toyota for the purpose of achieving the total quality and states the methods employed by Toyota for improvement. The paper then moves on to activities employed by Toyota for implementing total quality and describe the four phases through which Toyota implemented total quality.

Table of Contents

Total Quality Management5
Total Quality Management Schemes6
ISO 90006
Investors in People7
Quality Assurance7
Scheme Similarities and Differences8
Overview of Toyota’s Issues before Total Quality Implementation8 Basic Principles Recognized by Toyota for Achieving Total Quality10 Methods of Improvement Employed by Toyota11
Activities Employed by Toyota to Implement Total Quality12 Phase I: Decision-Making12
Phase II: Preparation of Stage and Promotion13
Phase III: Implementation Process Improvement13
Phase IV: Consolidation and Optimization Functional14 Conclusion15

In recent years, the concept of innovation, traditionally associated with products and services, has expanded its vision. If, historically, knowledge is used exclusively for the generation of new products and services, now the potential is extended to get any value for the company and hence for society. A clear example is Toyota, which brings innovation to the production system, through a process defined by a perfect combination of efficiency and quality. In addition, Toyota continues revalidating, year after year, his position as one of the first global corporate investors in R & D. Total quality management is the set of activities that contribute to the achievement of quality in the production of goods or services. Broadly speaking, it can be considered the way that gives organizations complete system to manage and assure its production quality (Ahire, 1997).

An essential condition to ensure the implementation of a Total Quality Strategy is to define and understand clearly what this concept is all about. That is, the managers of an organization that proposes to implement total quality as a strategy to compete need to know exactly what they mean when they talk about quality, or improving product quality or service, they must know how to divide the overall quality improvement projects manageable and how to measure product quality (Hino, 2006). The international standards body, ISO, in its standard 8402, has defined quality as the totality of characteristics of an entity that gives it the ability to meet explicit and implicit. The rule specifies that entity is an organization, a company or institution, product or process. Complementing this definition, we say that the explicit needs are defined by a contractual relationship between customers and suppliers, while implicit needs are defined as conditions in the market (Sukhija, 2009).

Total Quality Management
Total Quality Management involves all sectors, produce important article that consumers want, and produce no failures and at least cost, and...
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