The Concept of Sociological Perspective of Deviance

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  • Published : October 12, 2012
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The concept of Sociological Perspective of Deviance also known as “rule-breaking” behavior or “counter culture” can be defined as culture norms, values, and morals which shape the social acceptance of individuals or group through their actions or “unmoral or illegal” behavior. In order to gain a better understanding of Sociological Perspective of Deviance it is important to understand the broad consensus of behavior and its place in society. Situational deviance pertains to a group who engages in behavior that is considered “non- defiant and acceptable “however the behavior is still viewed as societally deviant. “Bad” deviance pertains to criminal behavior such as murder, rape, theft, and physical, mental or emotional abuse inflicted on an individual or group. “Good” deviance pertains to heroism, selflessness or behavior that involves placing the needs of others ahead of the needs of your own. Then there is “odd” deviance, which involves eccentric but questionable behavior; such as an older woman with over 40 cats. Although it may not negatively affect society or affect society at all; their need to own so many cats is considered odd/off. Although conforming to culture norms, values and morals shape social acceptance; the reason behind negative deviance through criminal behavior has captured my interest. In order to understand or change what is not viewed as acceptable or normal behavior; depends on who is distributing the behavior, who has been affected by the behavior, and in what environment did the behavior or action have occur. Without those components, consequences inflicted on individuals’ or groups will not sway them to conform to “formal” norms, will only increase informal means of enforcing norms in general.

Formal norms are centered on law and organizational rules. Involved are punishments implemented pertaining to particular situations involving particular rule breakers; all meant to deter others from violating or going against negative...
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