The Concept of International Market Segmentation of International Market Segmentation

Topics: Marketing, Risk, Per capita income Pages: 2 (423 words) Published: March 11, 2013

The concept of international market segmentation of international market segmentation (International market segmentation) is the basis of market segmentation developed, is the concept of market segmentation in the use of international marketing. Compared with the domestic market and international market for more buyers, a wider distribution, as a business due to its limited power, often more difficult to meet the needs of customers worldwide. To this end, we need some sort of on the international market in accordance with the standards division. Combinations of methods of international market segmentation method segmentation. Combination method in the application of the international market segments, the enterprise according to the amount of the national potential, competitiveness and risk analysis of three countries in the world, thus bringing the country into eighteen classes. In this combination method, the state is the potential volume of business products or services on the market in a country the amount of sales potential. The base includes population, economic growth, the actual gross national product, per capita income, population distribution, industrial production and consumption patterns and other data. Competitiveness depends on internal factors and external factors in two ways. Internal factors include enterprises in the country's market share, business and enterprise resources and facilities the ability to adapt to the characteristics and advantages. External factors include competition in the industry's competitiveness, competition from alternative products industry and the domestic industry structure. Risk is the risk faced by companies in the country's political risk, financial risk and operational risk (such as consumer preferences shift) and a variety of profit, cash flow and other operating results of the factor. The world market by a combination method has the following advantages: (1) the method takes into account three...
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