The Concept of Game Engines

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  • Published : May 17, 2013
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Game engines are collections of modules of simulation code that developers come up with to create and develop video games. They offer a software setup that handles sound, 2D or 3D graphics, language (more often known as scripting), artificial intelligence, memory management, streaming, threading, generic physics and/or dynamics for the gaming environment among others. The game engines have not always been here; their development has progressed with time and with them come various factors, that is: a) Their origin and history,

b) The concept of reusability and middleware,
c) The major types available today,
d) Their uses of game engines,
e) Their effects to the person,
f) and Their effects to the society.
Historical research has shown that game engines development began in the early 1989 with developing Ultima Underworld. Followed in 1993 by Doom Engine developed by ID software with the ability to represent objects in 2D but creating illusion of a 3D title. Before invention of game engine developers had to start developing from the beginning every time they produced a new game. Introduction of Doom and invention of the reusable engine, time spent coding the basic reduced significantly (Lilly, 2009). In 1993, there was development of Nuke Nukem 3D in 1993 with help of Build Engine and it created 3D illusions in 2D interface through varying sectors with different heights. In 1995, the first 3D engine developed in DOS base was the XnGine that used high-resolution graphics. In 1996, ID Software came up with Quake engine. It had very little processing requirements and a less-strained CPU (Kaufmann). In 1996, developers introduced Renderware and it became a very popular engine for various multiplatform games among them GameCube, Xbox, PlayStation 3, and PSP. In 1997, there was development of Quake II also known as ID Tech 2 engine it supported OpenGL (Open Graphics Library), colored light effects, DLL and the command in C. Introduction of...
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