The Concept of Futurology

Topics: Technological singularity, Futurology, Transhumanism Pages: 7 (1919 words) Published: June 13, 2011

Analytically attempt to forecast the upcoming progresses by a thoughtful study of previous and recent trends. Outlooks of the future called scenarios. That is beneficial in likelihood, extended range and deliberate planning. In short, Futurology is a procedure of fore casting for the future actions from present trends. A lot of forecasts have been became reality.

In 1770, Sebastian Mercier worked of futurology by forecasting. He said for the future, man would only work for a limited day hours in a world and further study of traditional languages would evaporate and neglected from the history, when it would not account the honour of humanity, every page being jam-packed with crimes and foolishness. In 1932, HG Wells established the departments of Forecast (Kitching, 2001).Fore casting increased there cent futurology 40 years past. Futurology is a mutual term of information database but it is not used absolutely by professionals in the field of the world. Futurology is well-defined as the study of the future. In 1973, Futurology studies on-going in specific of the instituted of United State. The Futurology course would be education of the future with evaluation in science literature. Different programs produced for the graduation level. In 1990, people award from the future


studies and try to preserve the studies related to the Futurology for that purpose designed the website for it and announce the papers associated to Futurology. Demonstrate more futures educations performed in the mid of nineteenth century. In 1997, Wendell Bell recommended that Auguste Comte's argument of the Meta patterns of social change predict futures studies as a scholarly dialogue. A stronger disagreement that futures studies as a ground invented in the initial 20th century. In 2005, head of the futurology unit British futurologist Ian Pearson, forecasts human being will be capable to take the contents of the brain into computers by the mid of twenty first century. Pearson furthermore trusts machines will also be talented of sensitivity emotion in the future and the computing goal is reproducing consciousness. In 2010, Dr Chris Yapp provided a technology and policy futurologist who has been in the IT production since 1980. He has worked in public sector, education, local government sector, health and creative industries. An upcoming thinking is vital for social knowledge. The Sociological Imagination is core of the sociological imagination. It is the capability to realize the private experiences and personal complications such as twined with the organizational arrangements of the society and the times in which people live (Routledge & Kegan, 2007). Micro sociology is the comprehensive study of what people say, do and think moment around the daily lives. Macro sociology emphases largescale and long-term social processes of organizations. Foresight is the dimensions to think analytically about the future to update today's decision making. It is a capability to develop as persons, as organisations and as a society. Future refers to the methods, research and tools that are obtainable for the people to grow a foresight volume and to the ground in which creative thinker work. When consciously use foresight in


organisational processes to update the strategy, people are practising ‘strategic foresight’. Different companies use the strategy of foresight for example; Shell, GBN, CUB, and Toyota. Reward for good leadership

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Future is not foreseeable or predetermined. Future results can be determined by people choices in the present, that’s strategic foresight, originates into performance. Highly methodical and creative strategic foresight provides organizations and the power to produce and sustain a high quality onward view to identify menaces and chances before people spread conventional consciousness and to guide...
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