The Concept of Discovery

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“The Concept of Discovery”
(An Explanation)

It is inside of us. It wants us to search more about the world around us, not to mention ourselves. It’s what makes us to set a new perspective in our lifetime. It wants us to change for its impact to the world has transformed lives and ways of life for better or for worse. It drives us to reveal new things and ideas not seen or thought before. It doesn’t just mention of scientific innovations, medical breakthroughs, technological inventions, artistic masterpieces or cultural pride, but with its application, it also wants us to look unto ourselves.

Let me tell you, show you, make you understand, and read to you about its aspects and how you can learn more from its secrets.
The word came from Latin, discooperio, which means to uncover or to expose. Webster’s terms call it, “to make known or visible or to obtain sight or knowledge.” To sum it up, its purpose is to find something new.

Someone said that this is the truth that is easy to understand as long as you learn from them. A person cannot teach anything unless you help him to see it in himself. A lot of bold people risked their lives trying to find it. One fact that they found it out by themselves is by their senses, intuition, and the passion to go for that extra mile. Just like Buddha, who reached enlightenment by stating that life is suffering and it will go away by going through the right path; the Israelite Prophets, who would give up their lives to fulfill God’s promise by sending them a king who would rule in righteousness and grace; Galileo, who, even in seclusion, set insights about the mysteries of the universe by seeing it in his own eyes.

True insight looks down from the heart. What you see is obvious. Season it with a dash of salt with lots of passion can make it less obvious. Seeing is believing, yet believing is seeing deeper to the core. It lets you know more of the world around us and lets you escape the realm of boredom and...
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