The Concept of Convergence and Localization: Understanding Today's Global Videogames Industry

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  • Published : October 21, 2010
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From the one of earliest form of game console Magnavox Odyssey 3000 to the modern day high tech Xbox and Play-station consoles, video games have been through a very long and diverse journey for its transformation. Transformation of low quality pixel images to HD computer graphic, from simple to joystick controls to now the motion detection technology. In this essay, the idea behind and examples will be highlighted to help define and discuss the relations between today’s global videogames industry and the importance convergence and localisation for them.

Video games industry is one of the most successful business sectors in the world, so it is important to please every audience that it reaches. There are more reachable games for audience who can not buy a console as online gaming provides similar satisfaction at a more affordable price, either free or with small amount of monthly subscription fee. Convergence in terms of this essay describes the merging of “media, game content and technology” (Whiteman. N, Videogame Lecture). Approach of the 1990s meant the improvement of graphics and game quality, better technologies was introduced during this decade, therefore making the first step of convergence. Storylines of games became more specific, more and more clips of computer made movie were inserted into the middle of the game, and so it became a better entertainment for the target audiences.

New developments in videogames made it more fun and enjoyable, however though at the same time, people tent to get attached easily to the very life like game characters. Video games became “extremely significant socio-cultural form and that the videogames industry is a major global concern”. (Newman, 2004, p.29) For example in Final Fantasy vii, the game, in it the good natured female character Aries dies unexpectedly, this not only caused distress amongst the fans, has also inflicted anger and dissatisfaction. Years later the movie Final Fantasy vii Advent Children came...
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