The Concept of Community

Topics: Crime, Sociology, Youth Pages: 9 (3178 words) Published: May 2, 2012

Community has been described and interpreted in different ways. It has been explained by different people in their own understanding and views. The concept of community could be associated with the beliefs, culture and interests. In this essay, the concept of community, what it is and the different types of community will be discussed. Also, the association between community, youth and its influence on the environment will be acknowledged. In addition, in this essay, issues on ethnicity, culture, youth, racism and crime will be discussed. The question ‘what a community is’ will be addressed.

The concept of community has been widely discussed and there has not been a particular definition for community and its concept. Community has been recognized and described only as the environment where people co-habit. It is however not particularly right. Clark (1973:397) describes a community as ‘a group of people with geographical interest and have a unique relationship within the group’. The Oxford dictionary describes it as ‘a group of people living together in a place or having the same religion, race etc’. Also, in Rothman et al’s view, it could also be seen as ‘a structure of relationships which a localized population provides its daily requirements’. A more detailed definition was given to community by Buchroth and Parkin (2010:29) describing it as ‘a place, or a town or a city etc, where a group of people conform to a set of guidelines or rules, so that they all have something in common; people who do not fit into this bill are often pushed out of this community’. All these explain community in different views according to each writer’s perception. They have all explained the classification of word and its aim. However, understanding the concept of community goes beyond the writer’s view or assumption on what the meaning is.

Many geographical communities including Ireland, Scotland, Wales and London in the United Kingdom are considered one of many in the country. Although, the land space mapped on the world zone paper is a part of community, there are other criteria that are associated with the word. The concept of community is wide and cannot be put aside without knowing the meaning of community and how it is formed.

Community can be described as the way of life of people: its unique language, arts, the norms and cultural values, politics, the music and economic factors. The mode of dressing, food, language and religion also makes the people different. In addition, the beliefs of the individual and the interests of everyone as a person and as a group are put in consideration. Tyler (2003) prefers to explain it as ‘local human network’. According to Garvin and Tropman (199-) cited by Rotman et al(200-) communities are constituted when a group of people form a common location, interest, identification, culture and have common activities.

When a locality is based on land space, there is a need for the recognition of the individual…the need for a sense of belonging. MacIver and Page describes this as the ‘we feeling’ when an individual identifies himself as a person and as a part of the group (Clark 1973:403). In addition, key qualities and attributes are expected from one individual to the other to create peace and unity in the group. Tolerance is an aspect of community value that cannot fail to be noticed. Every individual has his own angle realization and responsibility and this must be recognized and understood by other members of the group. Furthermore, there must be trust within; otherwise there will be a collapse in the relationships in this community. The word ‘reprocity’ is a strong value that must be included in every community to make it functional and realistic.

An interesting group in the community includes the people. Population shares a characteristic that are linked by factors like...
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