The Computer System Architecture: Concept and Evolution

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  • Published : January 2, 2013
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Unit 2 Assignment
Joseph Vu
Kaplan University
IT402 IT Consulting Skills

Unit 2 Assignment
Modern IT system architectures generally rely on multiple computers that are connected together by networks of communication channels their goals. In most organizations, input data is collected from different locations throughout an organization and then stored, processed, and distributed to other locations within the organizations. Due to the high availability and inexpensiveness of computer hardware and network equipment, it is practical to utilize these tools for better communication and collaboration within the company. In addition, web access, organization intranets, email capability, analysis tools, such as Microsoft Excel and Word are widely available and are considered essential business tools throughout most companies. When envisioning an effective IT system, the system designer must create a system architecture that will have the capability of supporting large numbers of user workstations that will have ready access to company information as needed. The system must also be able to store and protect large amounts of data. The system architecture that represents these operations is called the application architecture. The application architecture’s primary focus is with the activities and processing of application programs and the communications that surround them. Thus, the system requirements and constraints set by the application architecture have major impact on the hardware architecture and network architecture requirements for the system. However, there are more factors such as scalability, convenience, information availability; data security, system administration, power and space requirements, and cost may also play important roles in computer and network architectural designs. This essay will discuss the three most common system architectures available such as client-server, web based, and peer-to peer.

There are a wide variety of different types...
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