The Compromise of 1850 and Missouri Compromise

Topics: Slavery in the United States, Compromise of 1850, American Civil War Pages: 2 (625 words) Published: October 10, 2012
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Slavery is a system under which people are treated as property to be bought and sold, and are forced to work. Slavery was very important for United States but the most to the South the balance. Slavery was important to the southeast region because of slaves, most of the southeast made money of off cash crops, which helped them buy more slaves, and more land. Being on the cotton plantations was very important as well because cotton was the main source of income in the Southern States of America. United States was the last country in which slavery was legal. Slavery was not supported by whole America. Northerners were against slavery and they 3wanted to stop it because they knew it was not right and it just bring a lot of problems. So there were many compromises, acts that were supported by Northerners and their main idea was to stop distribution of slavery and to stop it at all. Some of them were Missouri Compromise and the Compromise of 1850 that succeed in stopping of slavery in some ways. The Missouri Compromise was an agreement between the North and the South and passed by Congress in 1820 that allowed Missouri to be admitted as the 24th state in 1821. The North's attempt to force emancipation upon Missouri when it applied for admission as a slave state in 1819 rankled white southerners, and they threatened secession during the debates over the conditions under which Missouri should be granted statehood. The debates resulted in a compromise that involved the drawing of a line through the United States prohibiting slavery in future states north of the latitude 36°30′ and allowing it future states south of that. Missouri itself, despite lying almost entirely north of the line, was admitted as a slave state. One slave state Missouri and one free state Maine were admitted to the Union, maintaining the balance. The balance of power between free and slave states in Congress was maintained to ease tensions between the North and South. The...
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