The Complexity of the Health Care System

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The Complexities of the Health Care System and its Future
With all that is before us as a society of human beings, health care is far reaching and of the highest attribute next to our existence. Without proper health care life becomes a hollow existence. We push through each day with painful thoughts about life, or what we think we know about it. While we focus on negative feelings of weakness and doom, wishing for better days. Always hoping for a peace that we know will never come in this life without our health. Health care is something everyone is not privilege to have. Billions of people around the world are suffering everyday from lack of proper health care. Unfortunately many have no idea what it is to be healthy, or what it feels like to feel good. They have no idea they are sick, all they know is that they exist. To be numb is what they know, how unfortunate. Here in America, most people know what it is to have a feeling of health, to feel good, mentally, physically and to some extent spiritually. With the existing health care system many are feeling the pains of being sick, no longer able to exist with that feel good spirit. Suffering is becoming the norm, filled with depression more often than not because of their failing health. Not being able to afford adequate health care, which is now far out of their reach, mainly because they can not afford it. They no longer have the health coverage they once had, now having to rely on aide and assistance that is not guaranteed. Their existence is now in the hands of the politicians, government agencies and advocates who now speak for them. We are slowly losing because of the quality of health care that has become a commodity for those who can afford it. Unfortunately everyone is not always entitled to life saving health care with the current system of health care. Can that person who is mentally ill walking the street get adequate health care? What about the homeless person without a place to lay their head at night. Where has quality health care gone, or did we ever really have it? Is there any hope for our future health care system? Although the hospital is of the most appreciated and unfortunately the most maligned and least understood institution in the U.S. society, with great regret, the present complexities of the United States health care system will unfortunately and inevitably affect the quality of future health care While the hospital and health care system is one that is very much needed, the maligned and misunderstanding interferes with its nobility. How is it that we live in the 21 century, and have major misunderstanding which we are experiencing within our health care system here in the United State? With all the stakeholders within the U.S. health care industry, it is no wonder we are now facing the complex dilemma in our current health care system. Due to the benchmark developments in U.S. health care, we are now at a standstill with problematic issues. The major influences with the advances and other changes are factors causing the complexities we are facing. With the legislative, political, economical, as well as organizational and professional influences, the once noble stature of the health care industry is now compromised greatly. Unfortunately the ill effects of medical education, technological advances, with rising cost along with changing population demographics, the American values are now being affected. Our major health care institutions – medical schools, groups of specialist physicians, general hospitals, and research organizations - have together overshot the level of patients care actually needed or used by the vast majority of patients: (Christensen, Bohmer, and Kenagy 2000). Our nation spends over 17% of its gross domestic product (GDP) on health care, but does not have the quality of other compared nations no where near that number. Looking back at the history of health care, the puzzling affects of the...
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