The Competitive Advantage

Topics: Hotel, Bed and breakfast, Advertising Pages: 2 (554 words) Published: October 17, 2010
The Competitive Advantage

Haley Johnson

Axia College of University of Phoenix

I choose to talk about the Sandals Beach Resort and the Mont Rest Bed and Breakfast Inn located in Bellevue, Iowa. The bed and breakfast is independently owned, while the Sandals resort is a branch resort. I think the Bed and Breakfast connects the best with the customers on a personal level. When you first walk in you are welcomed by the owners of the Inn and they make you feel as if you’re their only guests there. You’re able to use the kitchen at any hours of the day that you would like. They cater to you if you didn’t want to leave your room. The Inn is not very big, so you get to see the other guests when walking around inside the Inn or outside on the grounds. With all this though you still feel isolated in a sense as if you have the whole place to yourself.

Because of the Internet you are able to get to the Sandals resort website very quickly. The Bed and Breakfast Inn is locally owned in a small town. If you were not from around this area then you wouldn’t know to look for it. You can find it through Google, but it is not advertised on nationally televised programming as Sandals Resorts are.

Technology has done wonders for the reservation process. It runs smoother because you are able to reserve your hotel online through the company website. You can also call and make a reservation over the phone to the clerk. It makes it smoother when you go to check in because with just a few keystrokes the clerk can pull it up on screen and then your given your key card. There is less reservations becoming screwed up because of human error.

The Inn is older and could use technology updates such as their amenities that they provide. They do not have WiFi available. I know some do not think that is a big deal but it’s a nice feature to have and to provide to their customers. Sandals seem to have all the amenities and technology advances that are needed to...
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