The Competency Goal 3

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  • Published : April 25, 2011
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Competency Goal III

To support social and emotional development and to provide positive guidance

Functional Area 8: Self

One of my functional area goals are self when the teachers say good morning to the children when they walk in to the classroom. We also encourage the other children to say good morning to the other children when they walk in the classroom. This makes the children feel special and welcome. We ensure that I am always available when the children are separate from their parents , and when they fall and get hurt. That we provide opportunities for the children to always feel successful and feel proud of themselves. Support social and emotional development to provide a positive guidance and a positive relationship through out the daily interactions with the other children. The children need to feel this kind of care at the school and the children learn the trust and the security. At circle time chose one child to be the helper for morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack to be helping the teacher and being the line leader this helps the children feel sense of pride and independence.

Functional Area 9: Social

One of the functional are goals are social to give the children the opportunity to learn a cooperate and social interact with each other. We provide a social and emotional development in this area by providing a positive relationship with the children. We help the children with developing with the social skills and problem solving skills to ability to act independently. We encourage the children to learn to communicate with the other children. I learned that having a positive attitude with the parents. Also communicate with the parents. We encourage social and emotional development and to provide a positive relationships through the daily interactions. We try to engage the feeling accepted in the group and by helping the children to communicate and get alone with the children. We also have a healthy relationship with the...
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