The Comparison of the Road and Into the Wild

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  • Published : May 2, 2011
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The Comparisons of the Boys

Two popular novels that are read in English literature today are Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer and The Road by Cormac McCarthy. Both these books share three valuable comparisons. One being that both protagonists go on a self-evolving and physical journey, another that both the fathers in the novel share demanding relationships with their sons, and the lessons that both boys learned.

A journey does not have to be simply walking through the woods. It can actually be a person going through an internal transformation. In Into the Wild and The Road Chris McCandles and the young boy go through their own transformations on their journey. The young boys matures over the course of his journey with his changing relationship with his father begins to affect his growing maturity. At the beginning of the novel, the boy looks to his father for knowledge and guidance. However, as he gains new experiences the boy learns to use his own judgment and can assess whether his father is speaking the truth. He begins to question his father’s honesty on such matters ass whether or not they are truly the “good guys” and asserts his own opinion when believing that they should help other people. The boy continues to love and trust his father, even while he begins to have and more reservation about his father’s choices. In a sense, when it is time for the father to die is when the son is mature enough to make his own moral decisions for the future. Chris McCandles journey to Alaska brought forth the idea of happiness from only nature itself. Alexander Supertramp isolated himself from conformity and the rest of the society. Alexander’s goal was to fully understand what true happiness and escape the rest of the world. His journey to Alaska was a journey within a journey. During his journey to Alaska Alexander Supertramp was still trying out to be independent. His journey was very symbolic, as Alexander he could finally judge and see the world through its true...
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