The Comparison of Freedoms Between the Us and Vietnam

Topics: Vietnam, Democracy, History of Vietnam Pages: 2 (460 words) Published: February 26, 2011
Hieu Luu
ESL 100

The Comparison of freedoms between The US and Vietnam

Nowadays, people from over the world are fighting for their own freedom. However, there still a lot of differences about freedom between countries. In Fact, some countries have more freedom than the other countries. [The three most important freedoms are freedom of speech, freedom to control your life and freedom to vote. There are subtle differences between The US & VietNam that warrant a comparison of freedoms] My teacher note combine [ ]

Add topic sentences First, In The US, everybody can raise their voices about any kind of hot topic like about the President, religion or even the Government without fear. People can show their point or their opinion about something and the Government might listen to it[ Add example]. Unfortunately, there is a huge difference in Viet Nam about freedom of speech. In Viet Nam, people are not allow to say something about the President or the Government. If somebody try to raise their voices, they will be punished and end up in jail.[Add example]

Add topic sentences Second, the primary freedom is control your own life. In the US, everybody have their rights to make decisions about what they want to become or how they want to live their life. However, on the other side of the world, there still a lot of people who can not control their own life. In Viet Nam, The parents will force their Child to study a major or choose a career they don’t like. Vietnamese parents always put their high expectation on their Child. Worse than that, The parents might force their child to get marry with somebody their child don’t love.

Third, When children turn eighteen, they have a right to vote. It happens in both countries, but there is still something wrong behind of what they call “ a freedom to vote ” in Viet Nam. In the US, people can vote to select the President, Judges or Senators. The Congress will count how many votes and do it very fairly in front...
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