The Comparison Between English Tenses and Those Arabic

Topics: Grammatical tenses, Perfect aspect, German language Pages: 12 (3373 words) Published: May 29, 2012

I. INTRODUCTION A. The Background Of The Problem We have known that there are very much variations of language in The world. Those variations can be found in the real event of the communication. Ronald Wardaugh in Introduction to linguistic,1977:3 states as follows: “Language is a system of arbitrary vocal symbols used for human communication”. For those definition above we can conclude that language consists of the symbols that have variations. Those variations ia already axisted in the society or mixture from many varieties. Example: The majority of Indonesian Moslem people know and use the Arabic in reading the Holy Quran, eventhough there are many varieties of the languages in Indonesian society. “In English, the linguistic sign or a word such as nouns verbs, adjectives, and adverbs make up the largest part of the vocabulary” (Emily Dickinson,1984:121). Owing to this background, the writer would like to find the solution for the problem with an accurate, precise, and clear description.

B. The Problem It is an important to understand that the comparison between English and Arabic tenses are interesting subject to investigate. Therefore, the writer interests to choose it. For the investigating need he has some problems that has formulated as follows: 1. Is there any similiarities between English and Arabic tenses? 2 . Is there any differences between English and Arabic tenses?

C. The Aim Of The Problem The aim of this writing would deeply find the data covering as follows: To compare the similiarities and the differences between the tenses of English and those of Arabic. 1

D. The Benefit of Paper

1. For The Students Students who will get the information in using the simple present and future in The comparison of both languages.

2. For The readers The reader can understand easier in comparing the present tense and future tense on the both of languages.

E. Limitation of The Problem Considering the verbs‟s complexity and also the writer‟s ability and time Restricted, the scope of this investigation need to be limited to the discussion of the”VOICE” that included in the active affirmative sentence in present and future tense in English and in the Ma‟lum in Fi‟il Mudhari in the Arabic.

F. Writing Method The writer uses the variable of the study one both in comparative. As it would Seek for the comparison. The best analyzing within the specific characteristics of verb the study would thus choose matched both of the English and Arabic for it‟s data analysis. The variables that writer will investigated include the positive of active verb in the present and future tense an English that compare in fiil ma‟lum is the fiil mudhari in the Arabic. The population that the writer takes from the verses of the holy Quran available in the English translation. The sample ia taken form the English translation of the holly Quran about 30 verses. The procedure of collecting the data is employed through the library research.


II.EXPLANATION For the discussion of tenses, we need to understand the time concept, tenses Is not same with the time, although the tenses matter is time matter. Time is a concept in the speaker, reader and listener think. Human‟s lived in three dimension of time namely the past, present, and future. For Example: 1.. - The Past Tense : Fatimah huged the baby. - The Present Tense: Fatimah huges the baby. - The Future Tense: Fatimah will huge the baby. 2. - The Past Tense: You spoke English. - The Present Tense: You Speak English. - The Future Tense: You will speak English.

In the past time is point out at th-ed suffix, it is an concrete characteristic, but the internal Change in the form of past (spoke) because spoke is an irregular verb while huge is a regular verb. In the present- s suffix is printed out. Its subject is the third singular person (huges), but in speak is no a change because the subject is the second person,...
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