The Company Swot Analysis

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Chapter 2: The Managerial Functions

After studying this chapter, you will be able to:

Summarize the difficulties supervisors face in fulfilling managerial roles.



Explain why effective supervisors should have a variety of skills. Define management and discuss how the primary managerial functions are interrelated.
Discuss the important characteristics of the supervisor as team leader. Explain the difference between management and leadership.
Discuss the concept of authority as a requirement of any managerial position.
Describe the types of power potentially available to the supervisor. Explain the need for coordination and cooperation and how these depend on the proper performance of the managerial functions.

to work, her daughter developed a high temperature

visor at a family-owned manufactur-

and seemed very ill. Even though the sitter was willing to

ing company that employs around

take her, she preferred not to. Kelly knew that she

200 people. The company had nor-

needed money to make ends meet and that this was one
of the busiest times for the company. Fifteen minutes


You are Bob Wolf, production super-

mally promoted from within; you


were the first person hired from outside to such a high

before her scheduled shift, Kelly called the company.

position. When you took over as the prodction supervi-

KELLY: Bob, Molly is not feeling well this morning, and

sor, the company had several problems. Most were due

she’s been up most of the night with a high temp. I’ve

to production inefficiencies. Most employees in place

got to take her to the doctor. I think it might be that new

when you came on board were personal friends of the

strain of flu, and I’m really worried about her. I’ll call you

man you replaced. Approximately 20 percent of these

later in the day and let you know how she’s feeling,

employees did not welcome you or, worse, tried to

because I’m scheduled to work tomorrow, also.

make you look bad. Unfortunately, you were forced to

You know that the next two days will be among the

replace thirty-four of that group of employees because

busiest, as several big production runs are scheduled.

they were unwilling to make needed changes.

The company’s staffing is lean to begin with, and it will

You replaced the original employees with people

who were committed to the company’s philosophy of

be difficult to get someone in to cover on such short

“Working together to exceed the quality requirements

YOU: I’m sorry that Molly is not feeling well, Kelly. We

of our customers is our number one job! Doing the job

really need you here, if you can manage it some way.

right the first time is the only way!”

Take good care of her, and get it under control.You know

Kelly, one of your team leaders on first shift, was a

the production run for Sterling Metals is scheduled for

single parent with one preschool-aged child, Molly.

today, and they’re our most important customer. Please

About 6 months ago, Kelly went through a rather nasty

let me know soon what’s going on.

KELLY: Thanks for understanding. I really appreciate it.

this policy, employees may take days off with pay for any

You contemplate the work ahead. You call sev-


divorce.The company has a liberal time-off policy. Under
reason, provided notice is given. Kelly had been instru-

eral employees, and none is available

mental in helping you make the transition and even

to fill in for Kelly today. You wonder

made several suggestions that improved the work flow.

how you will get through the day.

She had exhausted her vacation hours for the year and

What will you do to alleviate the

had no personal time left. On a day Kelly was scheduled



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