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  • Published: February 15, 2013
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1. What are some of Apple’s biggest successes and failures? Describe why. The Good
How can we have a list of Apples greatest successes without including the computer that kicked it all off, the Apple II. This is the computer that started it all, built just 12 months after the Apple 1 came out, it was the computer that made Apple the company it is today. It was the fastest selling computer of its time, and was designed by cofounder Woznaik. Apple sold this line if computers for almost 20 years or until about 1993. The Apple II cost about $1300 when it first went on sale, but this did not stop the company from selling over 300,000 units in the first few months. This computer alone made Apple $79 million in revenue during 1979. The reason this computer was so successful for its time was the fact it had color graphics, came with two gaming paddles, and was expandable to the users who had it. It came with the ability to add a printer and floppy disk drive to it as well, which was well ahead for its time.

I don’t know how anyone can talk about Apple and not mention ITunes. ITunes changed the way Apple was and will be forever. They changed the way an industry was, and actually killed CD’s in its wake. It was introduced in Jan 2001 and allowed users to store all the data in one place on a computer or portable device. When ITunes was first released it was only available for download on Mac OS 9, however when they partnered with Microsoft and created a platform on Windows it grew to what it is today. ITunes has grown throughout the years, it was originally designed for music only, but today does games and movies and videos. Apple has access to millions and millions of users credit cards and does over $600 million annually with about $60 million to spend on the site. The Bad

One of Apples biggest flops that it ever had was Lisa. The funny thing was Lisa was not a “flop” per say. Lisa did a lot of things right when it included an optional hard drive; a document based graphical user interface, multitasking, software, and upgradable inners. For 1983 standards it was a groundbreaking computer, the downfall was the price. In 1983 Lisa cost about $10000 (almost $20k in todays money terms), which basically doomed it from the start. In two years that Apple sold Lisa, it sold around 100,00 units. Lisa’s name was changed to “Macintosh XL” which did not help her survive. The newer Macintosh computers sold 300,000 units in less than 3 months after it came out in 1985. Had Lisa been positioned differently from the start, it could have been one of the greatest selling computers of all time. This is a sad case of marketing that killed a machine that should have been inside everyone’s house. Everyone remembers when Apple changed the game with the iPhone 4. However it was plagued by antenna issues, known as "Antenna gate", began when new owners of the iPhone 4 started using their devices and discovering that the new design had worse reception when their hand bridged the gap between the two external antennae on the lower left. Steve Jobs only responded with “Don’t hold it that way.” A mere two weeks after the iPhone 4 came out Apple held a press conference and offered consumers a free “bumber” for the phone problems. The iPhone 4 was actually knocked off the PR World’s “Top 10 Cell Phones” list because of the issues that the phone had. 2. How much of Apple’s success can be linked directly back to its culture? Why? Apple has set the standard for the way a culture should impact a business. I honestly believe that you can directly relate the way Apple does business to its culture. Apple has set certain standards within the culture that have spread across Silicon Valley. Apple holds employees accountable for their actions. This does not come from the top down; it comes from the bottom level employee answering for his or her own actions. Apple also believes to have this work you must seek out and hire the best and...
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