The Communist Manifesto

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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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The Communist Manifesto was written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, as a presentation of what they believed to be an ideal Communist social and economic revolution. According to the authors, in order to avoid social oppression, every individual should be at the same level. Although Karl Marx’s and Friedrich Engels’ equal social standards beliefs could have prevented oppression of wealthier people over less wealthy ones back in time, today it could lead to an abolition of elements such as economical advantage and leading powers, because there would be no distinction of citizens based on capabilities and no opportunity for anybody to be superior to someone else. In order for everyone to be at the same social level, salaries of jobs should be kept the same for every type of work, to prevent economical differences among people. However, equal economical treatment could lead to a decrease of specific jobs because of the inexistent difference of concrete reward for the job one accomplishes. In Italy, in order to become a Cardiologist, an individual has to complete Elementary, Middle, and High School (13 years of school), get into University, study six years to earn a Baccalaureate Degree in Medicine, and finally study five years to complete a Master in Cardiology. Total: about 24 years of studies. In Italy, in order to become a Street Sweeper, an individual has to complete Elementary and Middle School (8 years of school), and finally ask permission to the town hall; which will then provide the person with the employment. Total: 8 years of “studies”. A Cardiologist’s responsibilities can include saving a human being’s life. A Street Sweeper’s responsibilities can include picking up a piece of candy wrap. In a Communist society, the government would not reward a person for the choices made or the responsibilities took, but should 24 years of studies be considered the same as 8? Should a saved life be considered the same as a piece of candy wrap picked up? Not at all....
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