The Communication Proccess

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  • Published : May 17, 2013
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Reflection #1
The Communication Process 1. The process of interpersonal communication is complicated in many ways like a simple case of a word mistaken for another word, assumptions based on past communication used in place of decoding or someone who talks loud because they’re hard of hearing being seen as hostile. In personal relationships I notice peoples decoding process being distortedly influenced by their insecurities or their eagerness, or that what’s being discussed is much more important to the sender than the receiver. 2. The mutual transaction model is definitely the most common in my life. I prefer if the message is followed by however much feedback is needed to verify that the decoded message has all the parts and ingredients it was encoded with. I have found that women’s Venetian, decoding process is more subjective and whimsical than men’s. Women feel some kind of comfort and glory when the man is in “trouble”. So while she’s filing some trumped up charges for the case she’s building against you, things get blown out of proportion and pumped up in to whatever size grievance suits her needs. Women have also mastered the art of “over-personalizing” things that may or may not have been part of the message or putting nonverbal words in your mouth. A man can be reading the newspaper, taking a nap, or doing his homework unaware that she’s behind him glaring at him and when she finally says “you’ve ignored me for the past 20 minutes!” , do we have two people speaking different languages . . . in the same language?
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