The Color Purple: the Novel and the Movie a Comparison

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  • Published : August 26, 2012
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A comparison
A story that describes life style of the early years of the XX century but most importantly that defines the love and survival of two sisters; is definitely the novel The Color Purple written by Alice Walker and the movie that’s based on it, directed by Steven Spielberg. The obstacles that the sisters have to face are very life risking. Although the novel and the movie have more similarities than differences, they still explain the major theme of the story. The novel and the movie share many similarities. A similarity is Celie’s stepfather raped her. After she was raped she had two children named Adam and Olivia, they were then given to Samuel and Corrine who were not able to have children. Another similarity is that Celie is afraid of men. “I don’t even look at men. That’s the truth. I look at woman, tho, cause I’m not scared of them.” Celie said in her letter to god. (Walker, 6). Celie admires strong beautiful woman like Shug Avery because she knows how to stand up for herself and not let men push her around just like it is described in the novel and shown though out the movie. Differences are harder to establish. Some differences found were the writing of the letters. In the novel Celie writes letters back to Nettie, but in the movies Celie does not write back. One more difference is how in the novel Shug asked, “How your god like?” and in the movie Shug and Celie do not even talk about god. (Walker, 201). God plays a big role in book because all of Celie’s letters are addressed to God, but in the movie it is shown that Celie believes in God but nothing more. The major similarity of the novel The Color Purple and the movie The Color Purple is womanhood. Womanhood is expressed in so many ways. It is expressed through self-discovery and growth, race relations, and racial identity that impact womanhood greatly. It was very hard for Celie to grow, learn, love, and identify herself because she was a...
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