The Color Purple

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  • Published : May 28, 2012
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The Color Purple
BSHS 422
May 7, 2012
Erik Holmgren

The Color Purple
Human service specialists need to be proficient in different cultures. By being aware of how different cultures think and react it allows for the delivery of services to be accurate. Cultural competency is described as. “The understanding of diverse attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, practices, and communication patterns attributable to a variety of factors (such as race, ethnicity, religion, SES, historical and social context, physical or mental ability, age, gender, sexual orientation, or generational and acculturation status” (Cross-Cultural Care, 2012). People who work in the human service field must be able to deliver professional services and be able to work well with many different cultures therefore able to work with the diversity of different beliefs, behaviors, and value systems. In this paper Team B will evaluate the characters Celie and Mr. (Albert). We will go over the cultural issues that Celie and Mr. (Albert) have. They will work through a plan that will be developed using culturally competent services for the characters, develop culturally competent strategies to address those issues, explore the richness of cultural diversity, and the benefits, and drawbacks as portrayed by Celie and Mr. (Albert). Plan for Culturally Competent Services

In today’s culturally diverse populations, it can be difficult to formulate a treatment plan that works universally. By the time all diverse aspects are considered, treatment plans that may work for one culture do not always help another. Problems and issues may be the same, but reactions to treatments can differ. Most generally there is more than one issue that needs to be addressed in order to help a client overcome physical and mental barriers that prevent him or her from leading a fulfilling life.

To create a treatment plan for Celia, the clinician would need to take into consideration sex, race, sexuality, education, and abuse just to mention a few of the issues. One must also consider how difficult it would be for a woman who has been battered by a partner, who is confused about her sexuality, or who feels beneath everyone as far as stature, to be able to open up about the problems being faced.

One recommended treatment strategy for a woman in Celie’s position would be group therapy. Group therapy would give Celie a chance to hear how other women who have shared her experiences have found help and are overcoming the past abuses that have so affected their lives. The ability to relate to someone on a personal and emotional level gives a feeling of confidence. This confidence is required for a woman in Celie’s position to take action against the injustices that have been happening to her. Heron, Twomey, Jacobs, and Kaslow (1997), has this to say about group intervention, “the availability of group support and the opportunity to hear other women share their experiences is and invaluable aspect of an empowerment intervention that fosters interpersonal connectedness and awareness of effective coping and problem-solving approaches and community resources” (p 418). Culturally Competent Strategies to Address the Issues

In the movie it showed how cultural competency strategies would have made addressing the issues more effective and the outcome easier to deal with for the issues that were faced. One article stated that in order for one to gain the knowledge of cultural competency one must be willing to, accept what it means and” the process by which individuals, agencies, and systems integrate and transform awareness of assumptions, values, biases, and knowledge about themselves and others to respond respectfully and effectively across diverse cultures, language, socioeconomic status, race, ethnic background, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and ability. Cultural competence recognizes, affirms, fosters, and values the strengths of individuals, families, and communities and protects and...
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