The Colonel Comes to Japan

Topics: Japan Pages: 3 (673 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Assignment #3: The Colonel Comes to Japan

Your Name: Ashley Lashuay

Answer all three questions listed below during/after viewing the video. Answer in complete sentences, with proper paragraphs, grammar, and sentence structure.


|Marketing activity |As practiced in the U.S. |As practiced in Japan |Provide reasons for the differences| | | | |in practice between the U.S. and | | | | |Japan | |(This is an example) |Outlet is stand-alone and building |Outlet is located in a building |High cost of building (per square | |Locating KFC outlet |is relatively larger in square |with many other businesses; |foot) and stand-alone buildings are| | |footage |relatively smaller in size |not available. | |1. Public Relations |Outlets are stand-alone, unless |Manager will personally greet and |Personal communication held to | | |combines with another entity or put|introduce himself to neighborhood |higher standard, and is practiced | | |into a shopping mall, managers tend|competitors, delivering gifts and |more in Japan. | | |to not personally associate so much|coupons | | | |as Japanese do—less personal | | | | |connections | |...
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