The College Experience

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The College Experience

Some believe a 5 hour energy will do the trick, others think that maybe if they can stay up 36 hours on end and complete an assignment that they've known about for a mere three weeks running on only caffeine & sugar that they will successfully make it through four years of college. They will soon find this strategy ineffective and possibly dangerous. The stress of college puts many pressures on one who has just recently entered adulthood. As much as our parents and high school teachers like to think they have prepared us for what is ahead, the truth is, there is only one way to learn, and that is by experience. What most of us do not realize is that we now must depend on ourselves; yes I said it, ourselves to make it through the next four years of our lives. No one is going to be knocking on our door asking us if we've finished tonight's home work or if we've studied for next week's exam. We must learn to become more self sufficient and have a thought out plan to succeed, if we do not, we are destined to fail. Unfortunately, many of today's students do not realize that the steps they are taking to make life easier as a student is actually going to be their pitfall. Pulling all-nighters, running on caffeine & adrenaline, having study parties, and constantly reminding ourselves what's at stake can cause either too little focus or too much focus, therefore creating stress. Not only do we face stress academically but many of our hardships come socially. As a college freshman moving out of our parents homes, in with a new roommates, leaving all of our friends at home, and completely starting a new life elsewhere can create a great deal of anxiety. Separating ourselves from many of those stresses and issues as soon as we leave our hometowns is a complete necessity if you want to reduce your stresses after reaching your destination. Allowing yourself to become a self sufficient individual as we step into the world with our head held high and...
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