The Cold War and the Media

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  • Published : February 21, 2010
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The Cold War and the Media

When discussing the media coverage in light of what we as Americans know now, I chose the so called “Cold War” era. Although there are many different arguments and views about the actual dates that this era occurred, it can be generally said that it took place from the years of 1945 up until the late 80’s and even as recent as the early 90’s. The reason why I chose this era was because many major historical events and civil rights movements occurred during this time. During this time, different races, genders and cultures discovered that they could use media coverage to gain exposure. One way they did this was to have demonstrations and rallies which weren’t always done positively, but they were useful in gaining sympathizers and national attention.

The 1950’s and 60’s might be considered the most significant years of a turbulent time in the America vs. the Soviet Union “Cold War.” It was at this time that the American people saw the friction across the entire globe.  The reason for this was because the government was using the media to strike fear in lives of American citizens through propaganda and false stories. Nuclear warfare is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly, but the American government was feeding the media sensational stories such as how we should protect ourselves from radioactive fallout.

In 1951 the government even went as far as doing a university study on how to achieve “emotion management.” The general public did not know about the studies that were being done to persuade Americans, but what the government had the media print was how to protect your self from the radioactive fallout. One of their approaches was to involve schools. Teachers in selected cities were encouraged to conduct air raid drills where they would suddenly yell, "Drop!" and students were expected to kneel down under their desks with their hands clutched around their heads and necks. Some schools even...
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