The Cold War

Topics: Cold War, World War II, Soviet Union Pages: 4 (1406 words) Published: March 26, 2013
The Cold War

Germany was defeated after World War II and then we had to know how to care for them and rebuild a stable society for the defeated country or the Germans would be angry and will rise against. Germany was divided among 3 powers and after the war where Germany and also Japan had been defeated where they would occupy or settle was being figured out. The capital was divided among the allies. The German Empire where they had conquered Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania was able to be kept by Germany. Poland belonged half to Russia after Russian take over. So the Polish went to occupy Germany. Eastern Europe was sold over to Russia. America had to keep the Russians in a good relation so Stalin wouldn’t do something stupid and invade the rest of Europe. For most Americans the war was over and the Americans won the battle. But the soldier needed to stay in the border to maintain peace for the country. They were there for beverage after war. War only gets us to a position to gain peace, if we just leave, we lose all the advantaged we gained in the war. But the soldiers were tired of it and the Soviet Union troops wanted to quit too, but Stalin wouldn’t let them quit. He was much more controlling than Truman. He placed troops in the war who were not just communist but Stalinists were willing to listen to his every command. Peace did not improve everything after the war. Unemployment was an issue, even to the veterans. Farming, food, fuel for the homes was a big problem coal. The economy was plummeting. Financial instability housing so many places got boomed out reconstruction was not affordable. The war was bad image at that time but even 2 years later the situation was worse. Everywhere, the destruction was devastating. This signaled all the countries under European rule to strike for independence local nationalist’s rise up in rebellion to the returning Dutch, French, etc. India is on its way the Dutch have no intent on giving up their empire neither...
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