The Cold War's Proxy Conflicts

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The Cold War

The Cold War was the period after the World War II of political conflict and military tension between the USSR and the United States of America. It lasted from 1945 to 1991, with the dissolution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). As the name indicates, it was a “cold” war; this means that no actual bullets (or any other kind of weapon) were fired between these two factions, although many conflicts during the war were propitiated and supported by them. Some of the biggest or major events this war provoked were:

-The Korean war (1950 – 1953).- War fought between nowadays South Korea (capitalism) and North Korea (communism) for the territorial division on the Korean peninsula.

-The Vietnam war (1955 – 1975).- Military conflict that took place in the Indochinese peninsula. It was disputed by the North Vietnamese (communism) and the South Vietnamese (capitalism).

-The Cuban Missile Crisis (1962), could have been the most important event in human history, mainly because it could have destroyed the world, or lead it to an armageddon which consequently would have changed everything we know. It was caused because of the construction of bases by the USSR in Cub, which caused a threatened USA to place nuclear missiles in Turkey and Italy. Ultimately (and fortunately) the problem was solved and no nukes were launched.

-Many other events, such as the Afghanistan war, the Berlin blockade, etc.

The war gave as a result millions of deaths, division of nations, tons of destruction and almost led the world to its end, but, despite all that, it also brought some “good” things. This war caused lots of scientific research, caused start of the space race between the two factions, which led the man to the moon; it started the deployment of satellites, etc.
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