The Code Hammurabi

Topics: Code of Hammurabi, Law, Babylon Pages: 2 (857 words) Published: May 10, 2013
The creators of the Hammurabi’s Code of Laws truly created strict rules with extreme punishment for their violation. By them setting these law codes they made the punishment so harsh that the person who committed the crime would never think about committing it again and the people around witnessing the result of the crime would be more reluctant to comment a crime themselves. There are some people that read the Code of Hammurabi and do not agree with it because of the penalties of some crimes. The Code of Hammurabi is set to keep the Babylonian society safe and is not too harsh for the citizens. It appears that by setting The Code of Hammurabi the Babylon society was looking to create the perfect society. The purpose of The Code of Hammurabi is to punish the criminal in a manner that they committed the crime. # 229, if a builder has built a house and not made his work strong and the house he built has fallen and so has caused the death of the owner of the house, the builder shall be put to death. This code is very simple because it is seen as murder. By building a less than satisfactory house which caused it to fall down and kill the owners is considered murder because the carpenter did not make sure the house was built perfect. The Babylon society can also be looked at as it did not want any crime or anything bad to ever happen that is why The Code of Hammurabi is so harsh. The Code of Hammurabi was meant to keep the citizens safe and this is shown in #14, if a man has stolen the son of a freeman, he shall be put to death. The Babylonian Society did not want to have to worry about the safety of their kids playing out in the streets at night. They did not want to ever worry about their child being stolen. If this code was in place in this day in age it would probably be saving many lives, and would be keeping a lot of families together. With the internet being such a focus in our society these days there are more and more kids being abducted from their homes and...
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