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The Coca-Cola Company|
An Analysis of The Coca-Cola Company|

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In May 1886, John Pemberton, who was a pharmacist from Atlanta, Georgia was the first founder of coca cola. He concocted the coca cola formula in kin three legged brass kettle which the suggestion was given by bookkeeper Frank Robinson. Coke was fist sold at the pharmacy as a non alcoholic version of French wine coca. However, the sales were loss due to over expansion and health problems such as, disease, morphine, addictive, and headache. Because “Coca-cola” belonged to Charley, it was named coca-cola. Afterwards, Asa Candler, the Atlanta pharmacist/businessman bought the formula from John. His marketing skills were a huge success to the company during the 50th anniversary. His best skills were his promotion ideas. He gave away coupons for complimentary first takes of coca-cola, gave calendar, urns and clocks to pharmacist. These promotions increased the sales by over 4000% during 1890-1900. Also, he gave minor changes in the ingredient and sold it in bottle, which was first sold in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Because the company was not too happy about the proliferation of copycat beverages and to safeguard the brand, they advertised that focused the authenticity of coca-cola. Later in 1923, Robert Woodruff brought the company from Asa Candler. He was a marketing genius because he observed potential overseas opportunities. He would capitalize on these opportunities by introducing Coke products in the 1928 Olympic Games. Woodruff made innovation by making distribution of 6 packs, open top cooler that was easier for people to drink at home or away, which was a huge success. Coca-Cola would reiterate its dedication towards the globalizing Coca-cola by initiating a series of advertisements linking Coca-Cola to the world. A specific advertisement that helped Coca-Cola shine its international appeal occurred in 1970 where Coca-Cola made young people from all over the world sing a song called “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke”. Coca-Cola continually succeeded even amid protests of Coca-Cola’s changing of its formula. After protests, Coke Company returned to its old formula. This helped regain its market share over competition and led to the Coca-Cola Company’s introduction of a diet coke product that used Splenda sugar, which was its trademark. In the 21st century, in 2007 it came up with diet coke that contained vitamin B6, B12, magnesium, niacin, and zinc. Diet coke plus was made to be considered as a healthier soda. Coca-cola stopped printing the word “Classic” on the labels of 16 oz bottles. Coca-cola is committed to local markets and has bottling partners. Currently it is ubiquitous brand, every single time, it is known as “the most exciting and satisfying beverage.”

This report will analyze why and how The Coca-Cola Company was able to achieve its title as the number one soft-drink company in the world. Beginning with an analysis of the 5C’s regarding the company, followed by a 4P’s analysis, and ending with a SWOT analysis, will highlight what factors drove towards Coca-Cola’s dominance in the soft-drink market.

5 C’s Analysis
Having been in the soft-drink industry for over 100 years says a lot about their experience in the soft-drink industry. Coca-Cola’s long endeavored success has led to their ability to sustain a high market share in the non-alcoholic drink market with their driving force product in Coca-Cola but also in its other products as well. According to their website, Coca-Cola serves up to 1.6Billion servings a day of their products, which poses the question on how they are able to keep up with such a high demand? An answer lies in their company mission statement, which is to: * To refresh the world...

* To inspire moments of...
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