The Coblentz: A Brief History

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  • Published : November 2, 2010
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If we take a look in the Coblentz name we can trace it as far back as Koblenz, Germany. Koblenz is a town that is situated at the Rhine and the Moselle and is surrounded by four low range mountains. The town owes its name to the Romans who named the castle they constructed there around 9 B.C. “castellum apud confluentes.” This means "castle at the confluence of the rivers”.

The more personal part of the Coblentz surname starts six generations back when a man named Adam Coblentz travelled by ship from Koblenz, Germany along with William Penn, founder and "absolute proprietor" of the Province of Pennsylvania, to North America. Adam got his last name from the men on the ship as they asked for his last name, he told them Koblenz but the Americans translated it as Coblentz. Adam lived in Frederick, Maryland and eventually had a son named Peter Coblentz. Peter was born in the year of 1809. Peter was the first Coblentz to move from Maryland to Germantown, Ohio. Peter worked on a farm his whole life as a miller and eventually got married to Magdalene Elizabeth.

Peter and Magdalene Coblentz had a son named Adam Huffman Coblentz in the year 1840. Adam grew up in Germantown, Ohio but by age twenty-two he joined the 50th Infantry Regiment Ohio, and the 4th Ohio Calvary, in the Civil War. This regiment was organized at Camp Dennison in August, 1862 to serve for three years. On September 1st they moved into Kentucky for the defence of Cincinnati against Kirby Smith’s raid, and about the twentieth of the same month it went to Louisville, in the engagement at Perryville, they lost two officers and one hundred and sixty two killed and wounded. From the month of February until September 1863 it was engaged in the building of fortifications and construction trestles in Tennessee. In spring of 1864 they received orders to join General Sherman’s army at Kingston, Georgia, and the next day after arriving there it participated in the engagement at that place. From that time until...
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